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Meet Jacqui Storey, the newest addition to the Studio 1 community. Jacqui is the founder and director of startup social enterprise Voli. The team’s vision for Voli is to position our Australian baby boomer population as a force for social good rather than an economic or health ‘burden’ which is so often associated with the group. The… Read more »

5 Daily Habits Of Successful People

Today on the blog we’re sharing a piece by author Kimanzi Constable, who gives us a little insight into how successful people plan their day and what they do to maximise their hours. You’ve heard the saying “Oprah Winfrey has as many hours in a day as you do,” well it’s all about what you… Read more »

Pssst…Did You Know Coworking Will Make You Happier And Live Longer?

Did you know that coworking can make you live longer and feel happier? It’s true! Studies show that our social ties can directly affect our mental health and well being. In fact a recent study at Stanford University showed that “social capital” is one of the biggest predictors for health, happiness, and longevity. Unfortunately as a… Read more »