Q & A With Our Studio1 Coworkers

Theresa Saldanha is one of Studio1’s original members and has been here from the get go. A Richmond local herself, Theresa tells us why she loves living here and why coworking works for her:

1. What are you working on at the moment? I’m working on a couple of business products, but the more pressing thing in the next few weeks is assessing university assignments and exams. Its the end of the semester. (I also teach part-time at RMIT)

2. Why did you choose to work in a coworking space?
Its lonely working on your own, not to mention, at home its harder to separate work and home.
At the co-working space, I get the best of both worlds – its close to home, and I get to change spaces, work at a fabulous location, and interact with like minded people.

3. What benefits do you see in a coworking space?
Its different from other co-working spaces. It attracts local small business owners…whereas a lot of other co-working spaces focus on tech start-ups. I value the interactions with my co-workers. Seeing their journeys and the obstacles they overcome, help me deal with mine. I’ve made some good friends here, and that has been wonderful.
A big benefit -all the RCLC staff(Simone, Oren, Lisa and the team) are terrific in terms of how they support us.
The other thing I love is that this is such a fabulous location, and the fit out is terrific. The space is light, bright, modern.

4. How would you describe Studio1 to people?
Community focused, supportive, modern, evolving

5. Are you a Richmond local?
Yes, I’ve lived in Richmond since 2005. I love it here.

6. What are some of the changes you’ve seen in Richmond during the last few years?
The biggest change in the last 10 years has been the massive development in Richmond, which is a big challenge for the suburb.
While Richmond does need to change and evolve with the time, its critical that community services evolve simultaneously.
There is a huge crunch on shared spaces and open spaces(outdoor parks, sporting playgrounds, parking) at the moment.


Theresa with her adorable dog Ruby

7. Do you have a favourite local cafe and what’s your breakfast of choice?

Lots of favourites – thats the beauty of Richmond. Its so competitive, its hard to find a bad cafe.
As I own a dog, here are a few of my favourite dog friendly cafes – Pg.2, Friends of Mine on Swan street; El Atino, Mayday on Bridge road.

8. Describe Richmond in 3 words.
Central, never dull, evolving….sorry, 4 words.

A rule breaker- we love that! Welcome Theresa-  Studio 1 coworking is lucky to have you on board. One thing you failed to mention is that you have amazing vegetarian recipes that you love to share with us. Perhaps a recipe for all our readers next time!

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