Easter Weekend

Just letting everyone know that Studio 1 Co-working will be closed over the long  Easter weekend.

So that’s from Friday 25th of March till Monday 28th.

Back in action on Tuesday 29th of March.


Happy Holiday!


Hi folks,

Almost forgot to mention that we are opening up in a weeks’ time!

15th of March will be the first day of Studio 1 Co-working so stay tuned for some random, never-happened-before, IT issues and other new beginnings hiccups 🙂

That said, we’re confident that this beautiful place will become a must in your weekly schedule of work, sun (it is SO HOT right now!), coffee and the all important relaxation/party time (depending on what flicks your switch..).

Come work among other freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs from around your block. You might even like them!

Studio 1 Co-working will be open 5 days a week from 9am to 5pm to begin with.

There’s some great spaces for hire in the building (Through City of Yarra) that might come handy if you need a private space to meet, run a class/workshop or a big function. (Cheap rates for local community groups/non-for-profits)

Check our site for more details and talk to us about joining here.


Studio 1 Co-working.

DSCF0146-001 Studio 1 Co-working




More to come

Hi Everyone,

Please be aware that our website for co-working @ Studio 1 is only taking it’s first baby steps so there will be some changes/additions to it down the track and hopefully it will be fully ready once the space is open.

Expect to see some more info, photos etc.


The RCLC team

Hello world!

Hi there friends and neighbours,

First of all, Happy New Year to you all!

Now, as some of you are already aware and have expressed interest in, we are starting a co-working space at Studio 1. This exciting new space will be active as of early march and we want to keep you up to date as much as possible.

Details on opening hours and membership types/rates can be seen here. Please fill in the membership enquiry form on that page if you would like to come and chat to us about starting to work from Studio 1.

We are very excited about this project. We see it helping a lot of people in the community who are currently working on a small scale project, a new business adventure or starting up a new social enterprise and just don’t have the right space to work from. The location is going to be a big plus for you all as well as the very fair pricing. We hope to start something very positive for our community here that will not only benefit members of the space but, through these people, the community at large.

We also want to take this opportunity to call out people who are interested in volunteering with us to help run the Co-working space. We are looking for people to act as our Co-working front of house at times during the week to ensure the operation of the space runs smoothly and all members feel at ease. The role will be a 4-hour stint once a week at either a morning or afternoon time slot.

Send us an email if you are interested in helping us out.


Make sure to check out our new Yoga class and the exciting Choir 3121 coming up this February! Both happening at Studio 1.

We also have a few workshops already planned at Burnley Backyard in term 1 so keep an eye on our facebook page for updates.

Hope you all have a great (and not so rainy..) weekend,

Richmond Community Learning Centre