Why Jumping In Puddles Is Good For The Soul!

What do you do when you come across a puddle? Do you detour all the way around it so you don’t get wet? Afraid that a splash of water will ruin your shoes and subsequently mar your perfectly polished outfit? Or are you a puddle jumper? Do you take a slight run up and splash with abandon? Not caring where the muddy waters land? Relishing in the fleeting moment of freedom.

I must admit I’m usually a puddle avoider. I like to know what’s coming up, what’s around the corner, I don’t cope well with surprises. I avoid the puddle because I don’t know what to expect. Will the puddle be deeper than I first imagined? Will the muddy waters totally ruin my suede boots that I paid a fortune for? What if I slip and fall? So many questions, so many reasons I give myself to not take the plunge.

Yet if we don’t jump in puddles every now and then how will we learn to let go and see what happens? How will we see the depth of the water? Know how the water feels when it splashes? Of course the puddle is simply a metaphor for any challenge we face in life. It represents the block we have that stops us from trying something new.


We may be stuck in a job we hate. Maybe we always do the same thing every weekend.┬áTake the same route to school. Eat the same food every Tuesday night. It’s safe and we know what to expect.

But what if you did something every day that totally went against your natural instincts? It doesn’t have to be something earth shattering. Maybe it’s something as simple as wearing your special-occasion shoes to do school pick up. Or why not enrol yourself in that online course you’ve always wanted to do?

What’s your passion? Do you love taking photos? Take some lessons and start advertising your talent. Share your photos and share the love. You never know where it may lead. Have you always had a dream to teach? What are you an expert in? Gardening? Making vegetarian food? Politics? Whatever it is- we can all learn from your knowledge and skills. Teach a class and share your knowledge with others. You’ll be amazed at how much talent people have, yet keep to themselves out of fear of making mistakes or not sounding professional. There is no such thing as a mistake – they are merely lessons that help us grow.

So think about where your passion lies? The easiest way to discover that is to follow where your mind goes when it’s relaxed. When we’re not weighed down by our daily struggles and challenges our thoughts are free to lead us to where our happiness lies. Try it and see where yours lies.

And in the meantime, just do it- jump in that puddle!



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