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Oct 2016

Q & A With Our Studio1 Coworkers – Part 2!

Theresa Saldanha is one of Studio1’s original members and has been here from the get go. A Richmond local herself, Theresa tells us why she loves living here and why coworking works for her:

1. What are you working on at the moment? I’m working on a couple of business products, but the more pressing thing in the next few weeks is assessing university assignments and exams. Its the end of the semester. (I also teach part-time at RMIT)

2. Why did you choose to work in a coworking space?
Its lonely working on your own, not to mention, at home its harder to separate work and home.
At the co-working space, I get the best of both worlds – its close to home, and I get to change spaces, work at a fabulous location, and interact with like minded people.

3. What benefits do you see in a coworking space?
Its different from other co-working spaces. It attracts local small business owners…whereas a lot of other co-working spaces focus on tech start-ups. I value the interactions with my co-workers. Seeing their journeys and the obstacles they overcome, help me deal with mine. I’ve made some good friends here, and that has been wonderful.
A big benefit -all the RCLC staff(Simone, Oren, Lisa and the team) are terrific in terms of how they support us.
The other thing I love is that this is such a fabulous location, and the fit out is terrific. The space is light, bright, modern.

4. How would you describe Studio1 to people?
Community focused, supportive, modern, evolving

5. Are you a Richmond local?
Yes, I’ve lived in Richmond since 2005. I love it here.

6. What are some of the changes you’ve seen in Richmond during the last few years?
The biggest change in the last 10 years has been the massive development in Richmond, which is a big challenge for the suburb.
While Richmond does need to change and evolve with the time, its critical that community services evolve simultaneously.
There is a huge crunch on shared spaces and open spaces(outdoor parks, sporting playgrounds, parking) at the moment.


Theresa with her adorable dog Ruby

7. Do you have a favourite local cafe and what’s your breakfast of choice?

Lots of favourites – thats the beauty of Richmond. Its so competitive, its hard to find a bad cafe.
As I own a dog, here are a few of my favourite dog friendly cafes – Pg.2, Friends of Mine on Swan street; El Atino, Mayday on Bridge road.

8. Describe Richmond in 3 words.
Central, never dull, evolving….sorry, 4 words.

A rule breaker- we love that! Welcome Theresa-  Studio 1 coworking is lucky to have you on board. One thing you failed to mention is that you have amazing vegetarian recipes that you love to share with us. Perhaps a recipe for all our readers next time!

Oct 2016

Q & A With Our Talented And Creative Studio1 Coworkers!

Coworkers are the backbone of a space like Studio1 and we are so fortunate to have such a creative and supportive group right here that we wanted to share all their awesomeness with you! Check out part one in a series of interviews with this talented bunch.


What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am working on a variety of products and clients including cupcakes, yoga, training and IT companies. I create and share their stories through a range of mediums and platforms including social media, blog posts and media releases. I’m busy working on a new digital Ad campaign and developing a new corporate wellness program at the moment. I also teach and practice Iyengar yoga most days to balance everything out!

Why did you choose to work in a coworking space?

Even for the most motivated person, working for yourself can get pretty lonely. I enjoy the social aspect of the coworking space and it’s a great way to join a community of like minded people who are dealing with similar experiences and challenges. We all work independently but also support and celebrate each others success!


How would you describe Studio1 to people?

A hub of intelligent, self-motivated and innovative thinkers.

Are you a Richmond local?


What are some of the changes you’ve seen in Richmond during the last few years?

I am still fairly new to Melbourne. I moved down from Sydney in February 2015.

Do you have a favourite local cafe and what’s your breakfast of choice?

Reunion & Co and A Thousand Blessings are my favourite cafes. I can’t go past a simple breakfast of perfectly poached eggs, fresh avocado and buttery toast!

Describe Richmond in 3 words.

Alive, Community, Diverse

PS. Mia is also our resident yoga teacher. She offers free lessons on Friday mornings at Studio1 at 8:30am. Open to everyone- pets included 🙂


Oct 2016

Pssst…Did You Know Coworking Will Make You Happier And Live Longer?

Did you know that coworking can make you live longer and feel happier? It’s true! Studies show that our social ties can directly affect our mental health and well being.

In fact a recent study at Stanford University showed that “social capital” is one of the biggest predictors for health, happiness, and longevity.

Unfortunately as a society we don’t place enough importance on social connection and by default it falls way down in our priorities list. Our culture today values hard work, success, and wealth over social connectivity so it’s no surprise that we don’t allow ourselves enough time to become part of a group or organisation.

A Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School argues in The Lonely American that loneliness is often mistaken for depression. Instead of connecting with others, we consume a pill. Being lonely is outside of our individualistic world view so we don’t even see it as a problem.

Never before have we as a society been more disconnected in our connectedness. We have access to technology at our fingertips yet instead of making us a more social group of people it has had the opposite effect and has isolated us from each other. We can now sit in a train and not have to make eye contact. We have hundreds of friends on Facebook without ever having to speak to them in real life. In fact in many cases our real lives have very few similarities to our online personas. We only post our happy moments on social media thus creating the impression to others that our lives are all rainbows and sunshine. This works vice versa as well, when we compare our ‘mundane’ lives to the exciting existence of our friends on social media. It’s not a real reflection of our world and it’s dangerous to think for a moment that it is.

The isolation we feel in our modern world comes from many sources and the bombardment of technology is just one of them. Another study has shown that the number of friends one has correlates to a longer life. Other studies have found that people have better survival rates for diseases when they have social support. In fact one cardiologist once compared social isolation to smoking, saying that loneliness is the new tobacco.

Now that you’re armed with all this information let’s talk about how being part of a community or a network created in a coworking space can lead to feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

FIRSTLY- coworking spaces consist of members who work in a different range of areas. Unlike a conventional office, here you will find people working on a whole range of projects and ventures.As everyone is working for themselves, there is very little direct competition or internal politics. NO POLITICS=BEING HAPPY!! Being among so many different working projects can also make one’s own work identity stronger. When asked to describe what work we do and what our project is we instantly gain a sense of confidence in our own abilities.

SECONDLY- being in an environment where ‘helping each other’ is the norm can really help to foster great working relationships. Collaborations are born and many new opportunities arise. Being in control of our work situation leads to great feeling of happiness and self satisfaction!

LASTLY-  coworkers have more job control. Usually coworking spaces are accessible to people 24/7 so one can decide to work as long or as little as they like. Freedom to plan your day means you may be able to squeeze in a morning swim or take your kids to school in the morning. You also have the freedom to choose whether you want to work in a quiet space  or in a more collaborative space with shared tables where interaction is encouraged. No monetary value can be placed on the benefits of having such freedom in your work space!

So coworking spaces do more than just boost happiness. They boost the identities of the self-employed. Richard Greenwald, author of the book The Death of 9-5 says: “Ten years ago, the freelancer was a loser.” He goes on to say the trend was for the self-employed to call themselves “consultant” rather than appear unemployed. These days the start up culture has created an environment where the freelancer can grow and flourish and maintain their identity!

Have we convinced you yet? Who doesn’t want to be happy and live longer?!!





Sep 2016

Why Jumping In Puddles Is Good For The Soul!

What do you do when you come across a puddle? Do you detour all the way around it so you don’t get wet? Afraid that a splash of water will ruin your shoes and subsequently mar your perfectly polished outfit? Or are you a puddle jumper? Do you take a slight run up and splash with abandon? Not caring where the muddy waters land? Relishing in the fleeting moment of freedom.

I must admit I’m usually a puddle avoider. I like to know what’s coming up, what’s around the corner, I don’t cope well with surprises. I avoid the puddle because I don’t know what to expect. Will the puddle be deeper than I first imagined? Will the muddy waters totally ruin my suede boots that I paid a fortune for? What if I slip and fall? So many questions, so many reasons I give myself to not take the plunge.

Yet if we don’t jump in puddles every now and then how will we learn to let go and see what happens? How will we see the depth of the water? Know how the water feels when it splashes? Of course the puddle is simply a metaphor for any challenge we face in life. It represents the block we have that stops us from trying something new.


We may be stuck in a job we hate. Maybe we always do the same thing every weekend. Take the same route to school. Eat the same food every Tuesday night. It’s safe and we know what to expect.

But what if you did something every day that totally went against your natural instincts? It doesn’t have to be something earth shattering. Maybe it’s something as simple as wearing your special-occasion shoes to do school pick up. Or why not enrol yourself in that online course you’ve always wanted to do?

What’s your passion? Do you love taking photos? Take some lessons and start advertising your talent. Share your photos and share the love. You never know where it may lead. Have you always had a dream to teach? What are you an expert in? Gardening? Making vegetarian food? Politics? Whatever it is- we can all learn from your knowledge and skills. Teach a class and share your knowledge with others. You’ll be amazed at how much talent people have, yet keep to themselves out of fear of making mistakes or not sounding professional. There is no such thing as a mistake – they are merely lessons that help us grow.

So think about where your passion lies? The easiest way to discover that is to follow where your mind goes when it’s relaxed. When we’re not weighed down by our daily struggles and challenges our thoughts are free to lead us to where our happiness lies. Try it and see where yours lies.

And in the meantime, just do it- jump in that puddle!



Sep 2016

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Work Day In Four Easy Steps!

The start of your work day can really set the the tone on how productive you’ll continue to be from there on. In fact the first 20 minutes at your work space in the morning are perhaps the most crucial in terms of deciding how your day will pan out.

Here are some tips to make sure you get off on the right foot- provided you’ve already got yourself a cup of coffee!

1. Tidy and Organise Your Workspace
Take 5 minutes in the morning to arrange your desk neatly. Throw away any rubbish or scraps of paper from the night before and ensure you’re in a space of utter zen to tackle the day. Set up your playlist for the day and perhaps consider lighting a candle to set the mood.

2. Write a To Do List
Tackling your tasks can seem overwhelming first thing in the morning. The best thing to do is prioritise  and write them down in order of urgency. Once your workspace is sorted, sit down for 10 minutes and really nut out your jobs for the day. Always start with your non-negotiable’s – i.e. meetings and events, then from there list your main three priorities that need to be done and tick them off as you achieve them. Don’t worry if you don’t complete them all that day- just add them onto tomorrow’s list.


3. Chat To Your Coworkers
Take 5 minutes to say good morning to your coworkers and check that they are all ok. Catch up on news and local events and perhaps exchange any ideas or collaborations you’d like to work on. It’s important to maintain a good relationship – catching up for a quick chat shows kindness, respect and gratitude for your team and is a great way to start the day.

4. Respond To Your Emails
Sit down and go through your emails. Respond to any urgent ones, reply and action anything that needs ASAP attention and schedule some time on your to-do list to come back to the others. No matter how busy you are always respond to emails – even if it’s a brief message saying you will get back to them later.

Did you find these tips helpful? Do you have anything else you do to help start your work day productively?



Sep 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Coworking!

What exactly is coworking and why should you do it? While coworking can mean different things to different people there are some aspects that are universally the same.

Coworking is about working alongside other people instead of in a space on your own. It allows you to be a part of a diverse community that will help enrich the way you work. It can provide motivation and accountability for some while for others it’s just a reason to put on some pants and get out of the house in the morning!

Coworking is a powerful and exciting way to work that has grown into an inspiring movement around the world.

Here’s a list of 5 reasons we think you should be coworking today!


Sure we can all whip open our laptops at home and work in our pyjamas or go to our local cafe and use up all the free wifi but it’s not really the same is it? The cafe may be full of people but they’re not coworkers. You have no-one to bounce ideas off or share that hilarious gif you just received from a friend. You see, coworking is all about community!


If you’re one of those rare people that can sit at home and work without being tempted to go to the fridge 100 times a day or tune into Dr. Phil for your daily dose of crazy then hats off to you! For the rest of us, being in a coworking space gives us the motivation we need to stay on task and do our thing! It’s awesome to be surrounded by other creatives rather than sitting at home amongst unfolded laundry – am I right?



Working in a coworking space increases your chances of learning new information. Due to the open air, discussion friendly format of coworking setups you find yourself engaged in conversations you wouldn’t normally have. It may be a new technical skill or just learning that North West is in fact a person and not merely a compass direction!


As a freelancer or business owner you run the risk of not knowing how to switch off. You will find yourself answering emails at 11pm at night and always being on call and at the mercy of your computer. However if you go to a coworking space you now that you have those hours to finish what you need to get done and once you get home your work load is minimal- hopefully!


Most people can’t afford their own offices and even if they could they would be working in isolation or with a very narrow field of people. With coworking you’re exposed to all sorts of professions, from designers to copywriters to accountants! Collaborations between individuals happen much more organically in a coworking environment. By being in the space, you’ve chosen to work in a room full of creative, motivated and independent thinkers- just like you!

So have we convinced you yet? Come in for a free trial at Studio1 today!





Apr 2016

Working hard to look like we’re working

The amazing Vidi Chandra came in last Friday and took a few snaps of our space. When she’s not volunteering her time at the Red Cross or taking photos at our space Vidi works as a Media and Events Producer for Thanks Vidi!


Real work has been preformed during this photo session.


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Apr 2016

One Month in!

Just wanted to thank all the members that joined us so far and congratulate them on being great people! (it’s a tough gig but someone needs to carry the load..)

Also big thanks to our Studio 1 Co-working volunteers that help us with the running of the space, the social and physical aspects,  and with some great tips and tricks when we need them (and we do).

Thank you Mia and Kim!

All that’s left to say really is onwards and upwards!

and also that we’ve started using twitter




Mar 2016


Hi folks,

Almost forgot to mention that we are opening up in a weeks’ time!

15th of March will be the first day of Studio 1 Co-working so stay tuned for some random, never-happened-before, IT issues and other new beginnings hiccups 🙂

That said, we’re confident that this beautiful place will become a must in your weekly schedule of work, sun (it is SO HOT right now!), coffee and the all important relaxation/party time (depending on what flicks your switch..).

Come work among other freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs from around your block. You might even like them!

Studio 1 Co-working will be open 5 days a week from 9am to 5pm to begin with.

There’s some great spaces for hire in the building (Through City of Yarra) that might come handy if you need a private space to meet, run a class/workshop or a big function. (Cheap rates for local community groups/non-for-profits)

Check our site for more details and talk to us about joining here.


Studio 1 Co-working.

DSCF0146-001 Studio 1 Co-working